The Ten Blogmandments

Let he who is without a voice, cast the first blog.

Here are my Ten Blogmandments- in no particular order of preference. Take them my children, be fruitful and use them wisely.

  1. Thou art the blogger, your blog is yours. Thou shall have no other blog before yours. (Unless, they get more views, then use them as inspiration)
  2. Love thy blog and treat it with respect. That includes actually typing in it, which is a sin I commit almost daily (see chapter 10, repentance)
  3. Thou shalt not steal other material and claim it as your own.
  4. Honour other bloggers by giving credit where credit is due
  5. Edit, delete, edit. Proof read. Edit.
  6. Remember your day of rest, and make it a priority. (Balance your blog life and personal life. Give yourself a break- you earned it, you blogger, you!)
  7. Monetize, if possible.
  8. Thou shalt use thy blog for evil- don’t post your ex’s hacked pictures in it. But, if you want to make a “Johnny is a jerk blog” that’s your party (*cough* sinner)
  9. Find your niche and stick to it. (now I sinned by sounding cliche…cliche will  definitely not be #10).
  10. Love thy readers, as you love thyself. (Thank you, Hillel).


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Porn For Women is house training the husband.

Now this is just sad.

Porn for Women

The age old question of what turns a woman on has been answered. According to Chronicle Books and their aptly named “Porn For Women” book. I made sure I was home alone before opening the link. The premise, of course, is that what turns a woman on is men doing all the chores. No, not actual porn (dirty mind?). The book is completely PG. The hot steamy soapy solution being scrubbed into the bathtub, should be enough to clean our minds.

Could the book description be sadder?

Product Description
Prepare to enter a fantasy world. A world where clothes get folded just so, delicious dinners await, and flatulence is just not that funny. Give the fairer sex what they really wantbeautiful PG photos of hunky men cooking, listening, asking for directions, accompanied by steamy captions: “I love a clean house!” or “As long as I have two legs to walk on, you’ll never take out the trash.” Now this is porn that will leave women begging for more!

Please, stop. I can’t take it anymore.
Well, let’s see what this independent woman has to say about it:


While women are passing around this book, looking at their couch potato husbands and beer belly boyfriends and needy sigh of “I wish”, the reviews are brutal, and rightfully so.


Many others upset this is not an actual porn book, which if you think about it….who would want a porn book? Wouldn’t it be kind of odd to just stare at pictures, I mean what are you supposed to do with pictures. What people were expecting from “porn” and “book” I’ll never figure out, come to think of it, why would anyone search for “porn book” in the first place?


Honourable mention:
Nothing funnier than when this backfires at a guy:


Well, John Dangler, how many various women did you give this to? What did you plan the outcome to be? Why did you give it as a gift? Gaining men points from the ladies? Is it kind of creepy to get this from a guy? I don’t know how I would handle getting this from a man. I expect it from a woman, but a man giving me a book of enslaved men? That would be kind of odd.
But, I digress. The book is available at Amazon, where it slowly dies along with it’s sequels that I won’t bother naming.

Book gets 0 stars.

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Vintage Beer

I love beer more than any other drink. It is because of this that I venture into beer world, to see what is out there.
Today, I noticed that retro/vintage beer is taking a bold stand.




Prohibited! A kind of beer to enjoy secretly at the speakers! Good times in the 1920s
Visually appealing.

Honourable Mentions:


No kids allowed!

O.K Beer and it’s slogan

“It’s just O.K”



I hope this is big enough for beer Sunday!


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New Torture Method: Old Educational Films

Imagine being in a room, where you have no choice but to watch hours and hours of old 1940s and 1950s Educational Films.

So addictive, eerily condescending. A type of “we want society to be this way, watch this video about how you should behave”

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McGraw-Hill Book Company’s Vision Of Social Class in America

Social class in America, as per the 1950s view. Brought to you by McGraw-Hill (makers of school books).

This short educational film paints a bleak outlook on social class. According to them, no matter what you do, you will barely move up or down- not much you can do. Even if you move up, you are still stuck in your social class. Ahhhh!!!! No escape!


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You WILL be prettier, you WILL be more popular

As easy as using a wand (which they had in the 40s)

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blog post 2

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Testing- blog relaunch coming soon

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Tiger’s Nest- a place above heaven


Taktsang Palphug Monastery, Bhutan

Tiger’s Nest monastery is located in the Himalayan mountains of Bhutan. The Himalayas alone are a series of massive spiritual structures of snow capped mountains. High above the world of business, vices and materials. The Himalayas are above time. Where the clouds and the icy peaks melt together. It is here that Everest, K2 and Kangchenjunga call out the constellations and for a moment, we realize- what tiny specks we are.

It is in this place that the Buddhist monks of Paro Valley made their homes in the 1600s.

Nestled in the Paro valley mountains above 10,000 feet, the temple is a historical wonder as well as a hiker’s dream. Interestingly enough, while westerners pack up their finest trekking gear to climb up to the mystical top, locals (in normal clothing) can be seen casually walking up and down the perilous steps.



Here is a longer video



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The Actors of Kitchen Nightmares?

Amongst allegations that Kitchen Nightmares is fake, I would like to say that it is a reality show. Let’s think about reality and ponder on how entertaining real life is? Is the average person’s life a one hour episode of drama? Reality tv is supposed to be entertaining and television networks, keen on ratings, may add a few embellishments to the tv shows. I don’t think it would be far fetched for the average viewer to believe that to a point reality TV is fake. made a great exposition of these hidden embellishments in their informative article entitled 5 Secrets of Making Reality TV They Don’t Want You To Know.

Fox news has a brief report on the downfall of reality tv. Reporting the accusations of reality show shams as well as quoting actual reality actors such as Kristin Cavallari and The Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak. (See their report Reality Bites)

I have always wondered, what does it mean to be features on Kitchen Nightmares. For one, there is a casting call, which I found goes through The Conlin Company, a premier casting and production with an impressive resume of reality tv shows past and present. You fill out an application and wait for a call back. From here we go into the magic work of reality tv. What happens behind the curtain is mere speculation and unknown to me. From the casting to the airing on television, I cannot tell you what happens, but anyone who has ever been through this experience is more than welcome to share it in the comments below. (Please note, that I am not making any accusations towards the Conlin Company, I am merely stating they put out a casting call- thereby just doing their job.) For now, all we can do is Google search “reality casting experiences” and hope to find anyone’s first hand experience.

I fear, however that people who appear on reality tv rarely talk about their experiences. Almost as if they are bound by “promise not to tell” confidentiality agreements. Without valid proof or without a wave of former reality contestants saying “we signed confidentiality agreements” we will never know.

Take for example the Kitchen Nightmares episode for Sushi Ko in Thousand Oaks, California (one of the many restaurants that could not hang unto business after being Kitchen Nightmared).

The most intriguing post comes from someone who seems to have been involved with the family featured in the tv show as shown below:

I wonder what the blank is. He said the restaurant closed partly because of the economy and partly ______? Why leave it blank. It is this blank space that troubles me. Almost as if he’s not allowed to say why exactly the restaurant closed.

But, don’t let my theory that all participants are under confidentiality dissuade you. After all, a former owner of a restaurant featured in Kitchen Nightmares did speak up and sue Gordon (who I love by the way). The UK news source, Daily Mail reported Martin Hyde of Dillons Lounge accused Ramsay of staging the show and using actors. The Times report that the case was dismissed and settled in arbitration.

The question is does Kitchen Nightmares use actors in the background and does it matter? Looking at the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) is what brought up the question in my mind. See Kitchen Nightmares Full Cast:

Just looking at the full cast, there seem to be some people with recurring roles as restaurant diners, following their profiles and seeing their several appearances in the show.

Reasonably, one could assume that as aspiring and working actors, they may have all received invitations to attend filmings to dine in several restaurants of the show. Then, they went back and gave themselves credits on the IMDB. My only issue is that they have credit themselves as diners in several episodes in Season 3 (and some of Season 4) of Kitchen Nightmares, back to back. Second issue is that if you look at all these restaurants in the Season 3 list, are all over the US. From California to Florida to Philadelphia. Unless these people were going on a road trip across the entire US for a few months and just happened to be in town for every restaurant of Season 3, I am not sure how they were casually able to just be dinners of most of these restaurants.
To be sure, I am focusing on the few random names on the full cast list I posted. Obviously, some of the cast listed are crew of Kitchen Nightmares, but I mean the ones who are not chef/consultants and other crew. I mean the ones who if you click on their profiles, have many acting credits.

We see the actor’s bios and their appearances in Kitchen Nightmares:

Marc Daniels- 25 appearances, 25 different restaurants (scroll down to his credits as “self”)

Another actress with a lot of film credits- but also under “self” 25 credits for Kitchen Nightmares:

Other actors:

As we can see, this lady has a lot of film credits but also 13 credits as a “herself diner”

While it’s not terribly difficult to add oneself as a cast member on IMDB, the newer seasons of Kitchen Nightmares no longer contains any background actors as the cast. In a way, I can understand how someone eager to begin an acting career or further their acting listing may want to add themselves as “cast” to gain some credits. But while all they did was sit in the background at a table eating on a realty tv show, I still don’t understand the glory nor does it help the “reality is real” aspect of a tv show. The question remains, do reality tv shows use actors? Maybe they do. Or maybe actors just show up at filming and give themselves credits.

In any event, it is admirable of these people to be willing to travel all across the US to dine at a several restaurants featured in Kitchen Nightmares from Los Angeles to New York. They must be great fans of the show to be willing to put the time and effort into this….or maybe they were just hungry and just happened to be in town.

ps: still love that show.






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